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When using B Alive Pro, the germs generate a rapid expulsion of water from the cell, which causes dehydration, which is scientifically known as osmotic shock, one of the most effective methods to eliminate them.

antimicrobial biolifepro works

Another effect of B Alive Pro on microbial agents is a rapid change in pH, called PH fluctuation , which causes them to not feed or eliminate residues, therefore causing their immediate death.

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One of the most powerful reactions for the extinction of germs is the well-known enzyme inhibition since it stops all the functions of the agents that cause diseases such as development, feeding and reproduction.

Our natural disinfectant also works with a detergent effect, that is, it effectively blocks all the malicious activities of germs, causing them to be destroyed.

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Finally, the hurdle effect through a cumulative effect of the first four functions, which reinforces and amplifies the antimicrobial activity that the human body possesses.

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